BR ( / Cleveland, Ohio USA)

Ode To Patience

My sorrows are many, my joys are few
I'm filled with grief with no one to turn to
I'll trust in YAH, from whence my help comes
One day I'll rejoice in my victory won

Bitter is the taste of seeds ill sown
A sure confirmation of troubles full blown
YESHUA is love, his burden light as a feather
In him is my hope, for his mercy endureth forever

I've missed you, O' GOD OF ISRAEL, Where have you been?
I long for your presence, a message do send
Tis the season to struggle, but victory is sweet
I need a word from you A.S.A.P

I'm planning a conference, in my heart is your seat
I'd be delighted if you joined me
I've missed you, R.S.V.P

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