MLS (April 12th,1957 / Seattle)

Ode To Patsy

When the sun shines through the trees,
I will think of you.
In the rustle of the leaves,
I will think of you.
You're my faithful loving friend,
I will love you to life's end.
When the stars no longer shine,
I will think of you.

I see the rainbow in the sky,
And I know that by and by,
We'll be together my old friend,
Walking hand in hand.
I know that when this life is oe'r,
We'll be together on that shore.

by Megan Loralee Seelye

Comments (2)

Meg, to me, the most important thing about poetry is the ability to evoke emotion. Your 'Ode to Patsy' does it very well. I think i like it best of your poems for that reason and also because it was your first. I will continue to check on your site for more great stuff!
Wonderful poem! What an inspiration-you must have loved Patsy very much! Please keep on writing. That way you will keep her memory alive.