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Ode To Pencils

Pencil o pencil
What would i use to trace the stencil
Possibly crayon, marker, or a pen
Unfortunately they are back in the den
Could i use a pencil with color
They might be much taller
So thanks for the pencil to be born
It is easier to draw when there aren't torn
That is my ode
I hope you thought it flowed

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March 30,1858 Hyman Lipman patents a pencil with an attached eraser Have you ever thought you had done something you shouldn't ought? If only you could go back and take away what did detract. How many times have we reflected on yesterday and wished it could be corrected? Some harsh or wrong word we have written, that afterwards, knew it should be stricken. Well, now your mistakes can be removed, at least some of the past can be improved, and a second chance we get to address our deepest regret, as long as we embrace this new pencil that can erase.
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