Quiet Whispers

Quiet whispers of broken truths
Memory lost of blissful youth
Making love by candlelight
Darkness calls me through the night
Angel's wings are pulling me down
Quickly kissing away this frown
Heartfelt tears of a moment's loss
Never again will these hearts cross
Pull me against you and take me now
Teach me who I am and show me how
Break the woman in me and make me live again
Heat up the passion, you need only say when
Desire burns from deep inside
Fires yearning, I have no place to hide
You have made me breathless with your wild kiss
Enchanted I am within this bliss
Timeless dreams of you each night
A kiss to you from within my flight
Good Night!
Good Night!

Copyright 2006 A.J. McKinley

by A.J. McKinley

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