(2nd July,1986 / Bahraich, India)

Ode To Teacher

I opened my eyes and found a teacher,
When I was an infant not a child,
Nobody else, but that was my mother,
Who empowered my body that was mild,
Taught to be restless till achieving goal,
Her teachings showed me how to talk,
And how to pacify an uncomfort soul,
And holding father's finger, I leant to walk.

In this running life there is a person,
Like us, circumstances does he face,
But shows the way that perfect one,
And his thoughts soar near blue surface,
His torch is knowledge and he leads the way,
The whole universe in his eyes we see,
Who makes us valuable like potter to lie clay,
An ocean is he, and a few drops are we.

A worthy teacher is like a shelter,
That he saves us from the pathos,
And his magic voice does our way alter,
Where we find only rose and rose.
More splendid seat if we achieve,
Or attain much higher status,
He praises us but doesn't grieve,
He is glad on our success and pat us.

His love and kindness I can't measure,
Like limitless sky and countless stars,
For his pupil he sacrifices his pleasure,
Like themselves soldiers in the wars,
Sun like my teachers in the sky does shine,
And we're standing in the single line,
To be inspired by his knowledge rays,
Which lead us to our successful ways.


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Great tribute to Teacher community as they try to create an ideal world for the pupils in the midst of all odd circumstances. Good work.