JB ( / Cincinnati)

Ode To That Oak Tree

I look back and think of that good oak tree,
and remember he stood strong as he’d hold me.
I was anything in that tree; all I’d do was pretend.
Clear into the night, ‘til I made my descend.

Just me and that tree, those were the days.
When we’d kick back, relax and soak up the sun’s rays.
Me and him, we protected each other.
He blocked the rain, I stopped the carve of my brother.

I had times I was sad and couldn’t have a good time.
That tree said cheer up, all it take’s is one climb.
If I was mad, he gave me acorns to throw,
and I’d hit people with ‘em, ones I do or don’t know.

The years did pass slow and close we did grow.
We had some great times I wish never did go.
Like everything else, it could not last forever.
But it ended so badly, with his trunk they did sever.

I’d like to still be next to the tree in my yard,
To bad my dad chopped him up and left his branches all charred.
He dropped a seed as he fell and for that I am happy.
Someone else can now climb if its limbs are not sappy.

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every time i read this i smile thanks for making my time worthwhile
that was really good. keep writing