I'M Sorry

Life is full of joy
But where's mine?
My joy is now

I deserve this
But you have gone too far
You were my queen
What happened?
Now you're mean!

My heart is broken
You've taken my love as a token

I'm done
It's time for some fun

I'm a man you can't bring me down
I'm done with this frown

I want to smile
Pretty girls walking down the aisle

I'm free
Happy as can be

I'm sorry, that I ever loved you!

by Anthony Granados

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Going beyond books Going into the world, to learn true wisdom
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out 
You realize Neruda's been dead for 20 years, right?
pablo, this is very good. i could really feel the action behind all your words. your thoughts and the keenness to live life to the full. books should not wrap you up. should should be freeing you and the mind. kindest regares, johd