Ode To The Curragh Of Kildare

Poem By Mark Dillon

As I sat on the hill
Looking o'er the great plains.
Resting my limbs and easing the pains.
My mind took flight and soared over the land,
recalling clear memories both bold and grand.

Giving clear visions of a boy who sat dreaming,
playing innocent games as the sun was gleaming.
To a man wearing combats playing war games,
still threading the same ground but with different aims.

And I think about how much a man
can love the land where he lives.
And the beauty of nature and the serenity it gives.
And if God were to take me at the end of this day.
There's no finer place on this earth
where I'd rather lay.

Comments about Ode To The Curragh Of Kildare

Stunning write Mark, I know the Curragh quite well and I'm always amazed at it's timeless beauty, you have captured it's unique charm so beautifully!
beautiful imagery........the last stanza, seems to talk about an utopia where the poet desires to dwell...lovely

4,8 out of 5
2 total ratings

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