Ode To The Freedom Bird

Sing to me you bird that observe
To and fro, up and down you move
Unchained you are
Enjoying the fragrance of nature

Sing, so loud and clear
To the posy world I fly with you
The natural freedom of mankind
And to enjoy the sensation of nature with you
Away with you from the world of form

Take me so high the world
Clearly my eyes may see
The wonderous work He did
For my soul may bow
To the maker of all
Come always and sing to me
In this freedom I want to be
Till my breath are seized
This freedom alone I know
Not the one yet to be

Come fly not away
This chain world cant withhold
Hard drinks, drugs cant make me go
Your song in tranquility break the chain
Joy-sadness and drowsy numbness I delight not
But death alone can stop it all.

by Adedamola Adewale

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No matter how you adore her, you're still among the human. Cool! ......Welcome to poemhunter! Persistence brings honour, keep posting, poetry is liberating! Once again....welcome!
nice poem to read about freedom.
A great start with a nice poem, Adedamola. You may like to read my ars poetica named as (Poetic Sense-1) Thanks