Today I Saw A Hedgehog.

Today I saw a Hedgehog
A funny looking thing
He crept across the lawn outside
As I sat watching him

He snuffled through the leaves and grass
His nose twitched like a snake
And then he stopped quite suddenly
As he came across a rake

At first he rolled into a ball
Quite comical to see
Then slowly poked his head out
And I'm sure he winked at me

Once more he turned towards the rake
Who's spines looked somewhat higher
And slowly moved toward it
With what to me, looked like desire

First he nudged it with his nose
Then rubbed against the prongs
Then getting no reaction
Seemed to sense that somethings wrong

And then he tried to mount it
But that just came to grief
And shuffled off indignantly
Which came as some relief

And so I've learned a moral
From this hedgehog in his teens
Things that we take for granted
Are not always as they seem.

by Graham Jones

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a consecrated church shaped by the hands. In prayer, we still our body and mind. On The Tree, He died for our many sins. Compassion is a choice made by mankind. He wished to spare us the suffering since. very nice spiritual......... thinking ending up in Jesus the Christ........ very nice poem.i believe in Jesus just as you are.. thank you. tony