Ode To The Rainbow Lizard

Oh Chameleon!
I hail thou reptilian nature spy,
with an elastic sticky tongue,
always ready to catch a passing fly,
never negotiating to feel among.
With 360-degrees spinal eyes,
and more colours as disguise.

Oh Chameleon!
I can't see the colour shifter,
beating all lizards to fame.
Change prior to predatory danger,
daring all wizards to do the same.
When there's trouble or sabotage,
uses the rainbow as a camouflage.

Oh Chameleon!
I meet you but couldn't see,
fading into nature's background.
From green grass, to blue sea,
play hide and seek, but never found.
The nature's favourite reptile, i salute,
cool, strange features none can refute.

by Alexander Onoja

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nice ode to a beautiful animal..