Ode To The Too Good Woman

Poem By Robin Pitt

She hides her life
Behind a smiling face
Yet inside
Something is missing
The force within her
Urging her to live and create
To do and to be
Hiding as self-sacrifice
And one day she will have a blowout
Like a tire ridden too long

Suddenly she will leave
And everyone will wonder
'How did this happen?
Why when her life was perfect
Did she go?
It comes as a shock to every man
Yet every woman knows
Why she left
To Zimbabwe to help the starving
Or to Ireland to dance among ruins
Yes, women know

You cannot stay locked inside too long
Something will give
It always does
And when it finally does
Women leave families, husbands and lives
They have helped in starting
Because she was too good for too long
Neglecting herself
Her very soul
For the too good woman

Comments about Ode To The Too Good Woman

Wonderful exploration of this woman's not so perfect life. It made for a very interesting poem to read. Thanks again Robin.
Excellent poem Robin.... Enjoyed that one!

5 out of 5
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