So there's this boy.
Who makes my heart skip a beat.
And everytime I see that gorgeous smile.
I feel my knees go weak.

Sometimes I wander if he sees me.
Through my dull and boring eyes.
Like a little emo girl in disguise.
My feelings for him so dark and so hidden.

Will this crush forever be forbidden?
Broken and crazy but too strong to cry.
Will you ever notice me?
Even until the day I die?

by Calyn Hartley

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O mightiest west wind I am sluggish; oozy soul Take me away with your wave excellent masterpiece of PB Shelley
This poem is like a beautiful woman.
“Ode to the West Wind” is the finest piece of poetry by P. B. Shelley. “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? ” has become a popular quote to be followed in real life situations!
A few days ago I visited Shelley' tomb in Rome, where he lies near Keats.. Immense poet, and so young! To keep going in a long work in terza rima is a terribly difficult work, and nowhere one senses the difficulty of composition! The terza rima is enjoyable and the poetry flows freely, nothwithstanding the difficult technique!
One of the excellent written inspiring piece of poetry, ....................
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