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Ode To Tutie

I was all alone, then went
to see you where you dwelled.
You decided I would be
the one with whom you gelled.

She retrieved you, put you there
right down in front of me.
You decided I was it;
that was your own decree.

You stropped around my legs like twine;
her jaw dropped to the floor.
"He's never, ever been like that
with anyone before".

So I brought you home with me,
a new friend I had found,
someone to enrich my life;
our love would soon resound.

You only weighted six whole pounds
when you were fully grown.
Mattered not a thing to me;
I was no more alone.

When you came into my house,
you'd disappear for days.
Never knew where you would be
I lived within a maze.

Finally, you did come out
and made your presence known.
I never bothered you at all;
your fears were yours alone.

Their name for you was "Tookie",
it never was a to fit.
Namesake of some crazy clown,
did not like it a bit.

You and I did search for weeks
for what you should be called.
Nothing we did try was right,
we were so stone-walled.

Then one day I realized
Tutankhamon was your name.
One that lived in history;
you'd carry on his fame.

And so, from that day forward,
you were Tutie to me;
splendor of an ancient king
personified in thee.

Your came with your stuffed dino;
it was your favorite toy.
Fin'lly you rejected it;
my heart did leap with joy.

Every night, at dinner time,
I'd ring your brassy bell.
You'd then run right up to me;
meal time you learned to tell.

I would dish out your canned food
into your tiny bowl.
You would raise your eyes to me
and thank me with your soul.

You finally embraced our life
and did reject your past;
found existence without strife,
a happiness to last.

Tutie would give kisses,
when it suited him,
but they were few and far between
and depended on his whim.

You embraced all of my friends,
to each of them gave trust.
They opened their hearts to you,
they loved you as they must.

The weirdest thing you would do,
that I had e'er behelt,
was sit by your water dish
and watch an ice cube melt.

You would sneak out of the house
to have a little sport.
But when I called, you came back
with haughty, smug retort.

We had a life together,
the envy of them all.
You trusted my protection
and answered to my call.

And then came that fateful day,
when you were taken ill.
I could not protect you then,
I so regret it still.

And now you're gone and I mourn
your sweet soul that I loved.
I am ever so forlorn
my sweet and gentle dove.

I did die the day you did,
My soul ceased to exist.
I shed tears of grief and pain
that I could not resist.

by Terry Hoffman

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