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Ode To Ustad, The Celebrity Tiger
SF (16 February,1956 / Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India)

Ode To Ustad, The Celebrity Tiger

Poem By Swamidhason Francis

Ode to Ustad the Celebrity Tiger

Is it true Ustad, you’ve divided humans?
Is it true, you killed all the four humans?
Is it true, you are dismissed from Ranthambore Reserve as “problem animal”?
Is it true, you licked the blood of Rampal Saini, after butchering him animal?
Is it true, you feel homesick 400 km away in Udaipur Bio Park?
Is it true, you posed as celebrity causing conversion of RTR into park?
Oh, Ustad, what a huge fan following!
The envy of our netas and film divas will be following.
Look at the explosion of protest for you in social media;
Your fans have set twitter on fire and outraged all media.
Log in and read tweets #jesuisustad, #boycottRTR# and #BringUstadback,
Back to back debates, arguments, and shouts, your roar they back,
From UAE to the US and Australia
And even from the land of queen Alia!
The anchors in BBC, Al Jazeera and The Daily Mail too carry your story;
They all back ownership of territory, your ‘man eater’ tag not a worry.
Never has humanity seen a beautiful tiger like you;
Never had they photographed any primate like you;
Even the matinee idols dream of a swagger like you
And your curves and swerves; none is admired like you.
If at any time you plan to retire, lend us for a day your roar,
With which we’ll still the post-modern horrors the globe abhor.


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