(2nd July,1986 / Bahraich, India)

Ode To Woman

Adam and Eve were allowed to live in Eden,
And were permitted enjoying all its benedictions,
But, eating the fruit of a tree was forbidden,
God knew their all and bad intentions,
Satan instigated to eat the fruit of that forbidden tree,
Adam denied forcely but Eve accepted with gee,
She took that fruit and forced Adam to eat,
And found shortly, they lost their splendid seat.
Acting on a woman's words the first man at last,
Being disobedient of Lord, paradise they lost.

Everybody is unable to find her true mind,
Her charming personality makes to lovers blind,
They lose their all to find her favour and love,
But find her love is still more above,
When one proposes her, she reaches us seven heaven,
Realizes herself prettier than Venus, turns proud,
She flirts him like a faithless or a witch then,
Seeks next prey she wonders and weeps like a cloud.
Entices with her chemistry and has no heart at all,
Never lies her love constant, she make all enthrall.

O! Woman is also a mother, full of mercy and grace,
Lies paradise beneath her tender beautiful feet,
And we visit to a pilgrimage when we see her face,
And our fates decorates with the dust of her feet,
Sister, daughter and wife are her embodiments,
Who consoles and encourages when we lose confidence,
Teaches us to face circumstances and touches sentiments,
Being the key of success, she has gotten her existence.
Notwithstanding a tender fellow she bears knights,
Who flow blood river to achieve their rights.

She is taken as a plaything or decoration,
No value she bears in Western Era these days,
She lost her spiritual power and destination,
And taken as amusement where she stays,
Wearing nude dress, she does impress and entice,
And reaching men's society, she does stir and rejoice,
And draws all's attention at her figure and voice.
The queen of home has kicked her throne and crown,
Lost her boaty veil so now she is going to drown.

The women's society seems an oyster sea,
And obtaining a shell we dive deep in it,
After a great efforts, we find a she,
But shock badly, seeing pearl is not in it,
She is jealous of her gender of one is more nice,
And backbiting seems her by birth right,
Impossible if four girls and produce no voice,
She is selfish and beauty is her might.
If one feels me boasting and tells me wrong,
That dear should prove this, I'll leave writing song.

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Comments (3)

I agree with Hawa here... this incident signifies that satan is there to deviate the muslims fromt the right path like the way he did to Hazrat Adam and Hazrat Hawa.. therefore we need to seek Allah's protection against these evil instigations... you can consult surah Nas (114) and Surah Baqarah (2: 30-37) which tells us about this whole incident. Secondaly you have written 'She is taken as a plaything or decoration, ' this is very well said...this is exactly what used to happen in the dark ages and is still happening now! i agree with you in the last paragraph but NOT ALL women are like these... you have highlited all the bad actually worse aspects of women... if you have time check out my article' importance of women'.... hope that woould change your opinion about woman! ! ! ! All in all it was reaally nice reading the poem and I TRULY ENJOYED sharing my opinion
Well well, it seems that a woman is a bitterness to you but I can assure you that she is the biggest sweet in this world, thanks for sharing thoughts
Should your write be based on muslim beliefs - please do double check your assumption out in the Holy Qura'an -I think you are mistaken. Neither Adam nor Eve are singled out for blame.