DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

Ode To Words I Didn'T Write

I drifted off throughout that night,
My breath held deep in thrall to art
With words I felt but didn't write -
They fled my pen; I couldn't start.

Although I knew what words devised,
In writing what would never be,
As ink did dry, the words revised,
My words! They had forsaken me!

In muted silence did I oath,
(For grammar too eluded me) ,
And wrote some sentence without mouth,
Expressing drivel where dreams should be.

In writing down did words appear,
And basest letters did transcribe -
My soul said more than air could hear;
My words, alas, could dirt describe.

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wonderful..i really enjoyed it
Good job, my friend - very well said. I have no problem with 'wist' and 'oft', but then I am a fan of the old classics.
I feel that i relate to this stunning poem! ! well done, this is a 10++ HBH
This is wonderful. The more I read it, the more I like it, particularly the final stanza. You really captured the true writing experience of the poet. Thanks for this lovely poem. Raynette
I had a change the poem slightly. I thought it would be more accessible if I used the word 'knew' instead of 'wist', and I replaced 'oft' with 'off' because 'oft' throughout' is hard to pronounce, and listening people would hear 'off' anyway. Using 'off' slightly changes the meaning of the first line, but it still works. Using 'wist' was just me being a smartass.. there was no compelling reason to do so.
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