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Ode To You - Love Of My Life
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Ode To You - Love Of My Life

I had a dream last night, my flower,
you sat with me, out by the pool.
We talked and laughed 'til late the hour,
held hands that felt the night air cool.

You asked me then what I would do
if suddenly the world did blow.
I sat up straight and looked at you
and asked: 'You really want to know? '

But then, it seemed that you had grounds
to bring the subject up with me.
We were alone with our sounds
and told each other we were free.

Your angel face was, oh, so sweet
and tilted slightly was your head;
with shy eyes looking at your feet
as you were listening, I said:

'If radioactive clouds arose
and all the living creatures died-
if life on earth came to a close
we won't have anywhere to hide.'

'I'll take you in my arms right then
to hug you, cov'ring every inch,
and there we'd have our own last stand
'til death would come, we wouldn't flinch.'

Don't look so sad now, listen up!
This doomsday image won't come true.
Let's drink some wine from our cup-
our blood it is, I'll share with you.

And on I go now, to explain,
of all scenarios one could see,
of things disastrous and insane.
What I would do for you and me.

'I'd climb any mountain.
I'd swim every stream.
I'd fight any croc'
and my eyes would be mean.

I would travel to India
to seek out the tiger,
and also the Ninja,
battle rebels in Riga.

And polar bears, big ones,
also grizzlies and snakes,
and mirages and Mig-guns,
I now have what it takes.

So, I want you to know
that if buried you were,
under boulders and snow,
under forests of fir.

I would dig with my fingers
and would make them hold out.
Though the painfulness lingers
you won't hear me shout.

My reserves will be taken
as I give it my all.
My resolve is not shaken
though it is my last call.

I shall reach you, I need to
as I'd never forgive.
I will get you and lead you
out to freedom to live..

On and on I kept talking
as you swam in my eyes.
Precious time went a- walking
and the sun came to rise.

Well, you looked rather frozen,
yet your face was a-flush,
then you whispered 'I've chosen'
and you told me to hush.

And my heavy heart skipped:
One for me, one for you.
As you rose your chair tipped
and you breathed 'I love you'.

Then you sat on my knees
with your arms all around me,
and in olde Angelese
said 'Sweet Hawk, I have found thee! '

And we kissed without thought,
without time or restraint.
Soon I thought that one ought
to come close to a faint.

Although private this is
I can tell it all, here:
It's whenever we kiss
I am in your heart, dear.

Oh, I love your sweet nectar
as we both like to drool,
you're my little Perfecta,
and we dream by the pool.

Now your sweetness engulfs me,
I will taste all your skin.
As your heart now involves me
and it draws me right in.

I will take what you give
and will cherish the gift.
Though as long as I live
this conviction won't shift.

As you hug me so tight
that no air is between us,
we ignore the dawn's light
and the sun who has seen us.

Do I wonder about
a disaster occurring?
In the milk is the trout
and my thoughts must be slurring.

Let the Gods please forgive me,
it's just that I meant
that forever I'd keep thee
to the end of the end.

From the dream I awaken
and I'm all alone.
Meeting eggs, tea and bacon
while I stare at the phone.

Was it all just a spiel?
Does she actually exist?
Yes I knew it's for real
the first time we kissed.

For the love of my life:
La Louve

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Comments (5)

Another heart-melting piece of love poetry.
I can't stop from reading it again and again and again.. It's just too beautiful! Too perfect! I can't even describe it, no word would be a worthy description for this poem! But I will tell you this, I just felt enlightened as I was reading it...
Who needs to rely on laws of science when God is the creator of both the bond and the union! ! :)
'Transcend' would be better. Chemistry knows various kinds of bonds but it is all about unions. And what price totality.
A girl could die for such a man! :)