PW (10/01/1970 / Webster, New Hampshire)

Odyssey (2005r)

Where have I been?
Where am I going?
What pushed me in this direction?
Who's hands molded me?

Was it a harsh childhood,
a mis-spent youth?
Or the pain,
mental and physical,
that drove me?

Could it be that I should be dead,
that gave me a love of life?
Or the gift of life I gave another,
that makes me wake each day?

Perhaps it's the home I ran from.
The home I found and lost.
A home I try to build again.
A home I have yet to see.

But where am I?
Who am I?
And where will I end?
Am I just another lost soul
living out his Odessey?

by Patrick Wescott

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Love your thoughts and questions, another great piece.