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Oedipus Dreams # 21: A Pawn Of Fate
HC (29 January 1947 / New York, NY)

Oedipus Dreams # 21: A Pawn Of Fate

Poem By Hugh Cobb

I hear scarabs scuttle 'cross
blist'ring dunes,
patiently rolling
balls of dung.
I listen to their efforts
& think on alien gods,
not those I worship,
but strange deities of the Nile:

Thebes borders Pharoah's realm.
Our cultures abrade one another.
Who will win the borderlands?
Will Thebes one day give way
to Egypt's might & great display
of statuary & incens'd rites?

I'd ask Tiresias, if he could see,
behind sightless eyes,
what our futures hold;
but he is ancient & far away,
his damning visions already told.

So now instead of walking free,
I carry th'imprint of prophetic slav'ry:
my will's not my own.
I rest, a pawn of fate,
awaken'd to this truth
but for remedy
far too late.

Copyright Hugh Cobb March 2005

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This is highly visionary Hugh....in the sense of imagery and inspection. What have we to gauge the future, but history? So looking back is like percieving fate and fate if percieved is having no control over the future. The scarabs signify in their work the effort of humans and the scarab has no control over his actions because that is his nature, even if it is to roll elephant dung into balls. Incredible stuff in here Hugh....thanks. You have connected Sysyphus in here for me with Scarabs even though they are continents apart!