On The School Bus

She caught the school bus
every day,
Margaret Kennedy,
plain and pigeon-toed.

She chose the same seat
behind the driver
(we liked to sit up the back) .
She'd bury her face in a book,
hiding her freckles under her hat.

She was a school prefect -
a real goody-goody -
who always wore her gloves
and 'reported' us
when we didn't.

She sometimes sucked sweets
which she'd smuggle
from gloved hand to mouth.

Margaret was a loner -
aloof and without friends.
She was older than us
and we were all a bit scared of her.

One day she missed the bus.
We were told her mum had died
(she'd had cancer apparently) .

She never caught the bus again.

by Alison Cassidy

Comments (1)

The puzzling and fickle situation amazes mind entirely. You have brilliantly expressed your thought. Going through that hazardous fire provokes thought and this is so sad. But we should have strength to win ever. This poem is an excellent poem brilliantly penned.10