(Sept.12,1993 / Angono, Rizal)

Of Agape

Where have you gotten your timeless love?
Where’s the source of your love which’s true?
Where does it descend from like a dove
And spring from which’s like water so blue?

How could you love a traitor of oath
And breaker of a covenant?
How could you accept on your own boat
A perfidious and so defiant?

How could you print my name in your palm
And think about me everyday?
How could you mention me in your psalm,
Plan the best for one who do betray?

Am I that important to be prized,
That valuable to be treasured?
Is my soul precious to be mem’rized
And of your protection be assured?

Who am I that you’ve loved me so true
And that a great hero had died for?
Who am I to be given value
And that you’ve treated me like treasure?

Great is your love that carried my crimes
And covered all my iniquities
Which justified all my failing rhymes
And had cleansed all my indignities!

Your love never needs to be proven
My Saviour, for you’ve proven enough
Your love’s sincere and truly golden,
Love that is, through hard times, proven tough!

by Yehoshua Shim'onai

Comments (6)

thank you Brother for being, loving and sharing namaste
You write well my friend. God bless you so much. Keep up
Thanks Jiménez for the lovely piece that tells of a love beyond human imagination.
The poem made me recall AMAZING GRACE. I like the articulation, insight and penning of the piece as it captured well the DIVINE LOVE OF GOD, the need for Repentance and total submission to HIS WILL. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing and do keep it up. Please read my poem MZANSI AND THE BALLOT BOX.
God bless you too, brother! :)
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