Where did you go?
Daddy please come home
Is it me?
Am I the reason that you leave?
Talk to me please
What did I do?
I'll change I swear
Just please... please be here

I use to want you here
But now I just don't care.
I'm all grown up
And I'm really fed up
Fed up with all your lies
And all the nights you left me alone to cry
No one to see my tears
No one to watch me die

If there's one thing I learned
Is that I'm not the one to blame
Bow your head in shame
I was just a little girl!
All alone in the big bad world
You left me alone
I had to fend for my own

But I'm older now
And I'm colder now
Don't you ever come home
All I want you to do is die

by olivia glover

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