Of Beginnings And Endings

Each day is a struggle,
The dark of the night, a place to hide.
In the end is the beginning they say,
To get there is no child’s play
Surpassing the indefinite is not less than a dream,
Yet, I dream, swept away in the ocean of what could be!
My hopes lay rooted, away from the surface.
Lost, awaiting their rescue.
I walk through the tunnel towards the light,
Just this once I’ll cross the divide
A sudden stop? A mental block?
Nothing but man’s self- imagined plight!
Life is a series of change,
From the beginning’s beginning to the end’s end.
Amendments, adjustments.
Revision of oneself, modification of its ways
And I am lead to a new turn.
No stops in my path,
just a few bumps until I breathe my last.
Because after each day is the night,
Yet follows the light…

by aditi jain

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I'm glad you think so!
Captures the movement of life well.