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Of Betty, Rainy Days & Gift's Given

In another lifetime
...She went by a different name
But TODAY in the NOW of 'Knowing'
...I recognize her - just the same.

Back then she wrote of Emily - -
...Of Big Bird & Pop's Beauty Queen
Of wise men & their best laid plans
...Which, invariably, were MEAN!

She even wrote of Valentine's Day
...About Bill, Bob, Tom, or you know
About gift's given on 'rainy days'
You know: The Entire Seattle Times Show.

Of my cutting words
...And that 'Perhaps i was no prude'
Of Hills of Acropolis & the Agean Sea
And other words - oft' rude.

Of Mary Elizabeth -
...And a certain day of Spring? ? ? ?
Of saying yes and touching softly
...And all the loot it may bring.

Yes, in another lifetime she went by 'Betty'
...Today, she uses her real name! ! !
Not sure, if i am still Emily or Big Bird to her
...Or if she feels one iota of shame.

But i would know her any where
...Have always wondered how she knew
That less than a year i'd be flying back
...As her prediction of August,1978 came true!

She knew my father's health would turn for the worse
...It's as if it all had been the plan
She's still as tough as nails & violent
...Just like another well known 'Wise Man'! ! ! ! ! !

By, Theodora Onken


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There are a lot of clues in this poem but I think I need the master key! I have suspicions but not strong enough to post! I have a feeling somebody is shaking in their boots.