Of Broken Love And Memories

Memories are all that remain
Of a perfect love gone wrong
Memories of your warm smile
Of your sweet caresses
And your tender kisses

Memories so bitter yet so sweet
That ended on a rain soaked day
As if the sky saw and empathized
And weeped along with my heart

Moments we had spent together
Will live an last forever
Some unforgettable memories
To be played over and over

They are all that i have left
Of a love that once burned so bright
Now masked, dimmed and dying
But it is in this eternal moment
That i love you the most

But it is to late to turn back now
For we have taken a one way road
To things that might have been
And used up all our chances

So now while i hurt alone
I pray hope and wait
For a gentle and loving heart
To heal an revive this love broken soul
And give a new home to this orphaned home

by kendyll brown

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