Of Constantine Ii, St. Helena Of The Cross

This thine ancient legacy bestowed on lone descendant here
Helena, empress, victor of The Cross and conqueror of fear
In a time when all was for one and that ruling alliance
Constantius the first put away your marriage for convenience

What a focus of that Cross which led you to the Holy Land
Divinely inspiring relief to the poor, uniting Christ’s stand
Let this ‘thy seed’ of known zeal revive in me, for prosterity
Charity towards the people and enemies subdued, profoundly

By thy mercy God, grant true works of faith against ones vain
As ancestor ‘Flavia Julia Helena’ proved, again and again
In your time, the most vital woman in the world then
And Lactantius thy teacher, heir to teach Crispus to win

History has dressed you substantially into renown Christendom
Poetry was dead, prose dying; sculpture lost in that Kingdom
Sadly abandoned and replaced by a royal match and decree
Quietly knowing disgrace for an archaeological find in destiny

by ArmourQuill Hunter

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