Of Course I Can Be Monogamous

How dare you? !
I have never, ever...
Been labelled a cheap piece of meat.
How dare you call me such?
I have never adulturized.

One night stands and perhaps a few flings,
I may indulge in between serious relationships.
And when I find the right match that is suitable,
I am sure I will end those things!
Without a hitch.
You can count on it.

Of course I can be monogamous.
I am just not ready to settle down,
With someone I can trust!

Aren't you 62 years old? '

And the point you are attempting to make here,
Is what?

'Mary! '

Is it?
That's right.
You 'are' Mary.
Thank you for the clue.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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