Of Course I Made To You Promises

Of course I made to you promises,
With the wish to fulfill them.
And a delivery by you to be received.
But I did not expect and I bet neither did you,
That my promises made to only you to keep...
Would have so many protesting in opposition,
To have those promises delayed...
As obstacles were laid to have me leap,
From mountains high to climb.
To then have me blinded to jump from them,
As they stayed in valleys below...
Disparaging my character to have you think of me,
To deceive you for the benefit to get attention.

'But did you not make to me those promises? '

Yes I did and they will be kept.
But first let us both agree,
Those obstacles we are both aware of...
Did not exist before I made to you promises.
Have I ever promised you something I did not do?


Then why have you become swayed by naysayers?

Only you made me aware of the obstacles.
And for some reason...
They appeared on that same day to berate you.'

Next time...
Keep promises I make to you,
To yourself and no one else.

'Next time...
Send me a text message,
Without screaming your intentions from mountain tops.
I thought you were doing this to prove to me something.
With a doing others could not dismiss to detect.'

I guess I was also doing that too.
With a hope to teach a lesson.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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