Of Earth And Sun And Moon And Stars...

She leant upon her fathers arm
like a weeping willow calm
with roots so deep
and branches hung
as if a silent song was sung.

Her eyes of ocean blue
looked at him with hints of dew
and how she walked
that no one knew
as she simply glided through.

Her hair a golden waterfall
upon which graceful shoulders lay
in subtle waves of light
and gleaming shadows
with the promise of starlit nights.

With lips not pursed nor open wide
as in her contented smile
the shining sun was paled, no longer bright
and on her brow a silver moon
reflecting gentle crescent rays
like frosted dessert dunes.

Her hand now placed in grooms
her heart has found another home
in bliss of wedded harmony
for now and for ever more
until they reach that distant shore.

by David Taylor

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