Of Failure You Won'T Hear

You may not be looked on as a writer and the literary experts your writing efforts may knock
But despite your lack of encouragement you keep on penning and you even pen on through writers block
You daydream that you will write a best seller and pen your way into literary renown
Celebrated and wealthy and famous you will be the toast of your Hometown.

Those who dismiss you now will then want to know you success wins for you admirers does seem true
And you will receive all of the rewards all of the rewards you feel you are due
Despite lack of encouragement you keep on writing and you pen on late into the night
On your dream you will not quit easily and you will not give in without a fight.

The literary road to success is a hard road but of literary failure you won't even hear
The thought of failure you don't even contemplate and the thought of failure most people do fear
You are convinced you are destined to be famous and for such you will give it your best try
And that success is there for those who try the hardest to you and your kind surely does apply.

You are not considered by the literary experts but they have often been proved wrong before
But you have your dream your dream of literary greatness that your name it will live forever more
In your Hometown you will be celebrated where much of your achievements will be made
You will receive the freedom of your homeplace as an honoured member of the wordsmith trade.

by Francis Duggan

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