Of Fire And Love

Poem By Thyris Taylor

Love is very much like fire. It offers warmth and energy. It offers vitality and emotional connectedness.

When you stare into a fire and watch the dancing flames it is beautiful, hypnotic, and leaves a warm after-glow. Fire is nature in it's most raw form.

Love is also raw and an integral piece of what is natural between people. Love like fire, has to be attended, contained, nurtured and given special care and attention.

Without these commitments to love it can become as destructive as a wild fire laying waste to a forrest. Take care of your most beloved and bask in the warm afterglow.

Comments about Of Fire And Love

Wise words in a beautiful poem.
An effective prose within a poem, or could be a poem within a prose. Still, the art of poetic expression conveys your thoughts effectively. Excellent write!

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