TTO ( / Washington State)

Of First Love...

Tonight the sky was filled with sequins
And in the further corner - i could see
What resembled a cluster of pretty posies...
Not unlike the flowers you last gave to me.

Remember our time upon the Golden Hill?
When you and i lay upon it's green-green grass
Where your tenderness was softer than the wings of a Dove
Where minutes to hours - swiftly passed.

Ah, memories become so clear in vision's of this galaxy
Like diamonds or other gems - they simply shine...
Opening my heart to the sweetness that was you
Remembering the time when you were truly mine.

Across the universe and many earthen path's
Atop the Golden Hill and in this evenings glow...
Within the Northern Lights and all of it's magic
I am remembering the joy of love - in the you i used to know.

By, Theodora Onken

April 14,2016

by Theodora (Theo) Onken

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Ratnakar, thank you so very much! You are too kind!
Beautifully envisioned poem with rhythm and rhyme. Thanks for sharing.10 points.