Of Hope It Is Said

The judgmental may dismiss you as a never do well
But you too have your stories of life for to tell
Though your stories may never be published in book form to sell
As they do go unnoticed those of Earthly Hell
You do work so hard for your low take home pay
And your struggles in life you do face every day
Without your sort there would never be a billionaire
That human rank is built on inequality is not at all fair
You may be one of the tribe of the lesser gods
But credit to you since you keep battling the odds
And with your hard life you have managed to cope
And you are one of those who keeps faith in hope
Of a change of luck for you for the better in the days ahead
Those who stick by it eventually succeed of hope it is said.

by Francis Duggan

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'sticking' might be altogether too slow these days F D