Second Chance (Draft)

it's funny how
the smallest bit
of once inconceviable change
can bend the edges
of the heaviest book,
can destroy the meaning
behind the words
of the most beautiful poem
your heart has ever related to
It's just so strange how
you can give everything up
in a lonely attempt for something new
only to find out you're lonlier now
than you were at the start.
It's amazing how
the hands you always held
turn cold, but only in your head,
and then when you redeem yourself,
they're the warmest warmth you've ever felt.
It's a miracle, I think.
Well, for myself-
that I used to know
I was doing everything I should do,
taking steps at the perfect time,
and smiling only when the moment was right.
but to wake up one morning and to realize
how so very wrong I was
is probably a second chance I never thought I needed,
and I'm very glad to be given it.

by Kerri White

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