Of Human Decency

Here we stand within the confines of a high stone wall. People as far as the eye can see. In the distance is a ladder that reaches to the top of the wall. Behind the ladder reads, Ladder of Human Decency. At the top is the image of a beautiful road made of cloud. A shadow casts over all men, but the sun beams brightly a short way up the ladder. A man in a hooded robe standing far back in the crowd, is tapped on the shoulder. A stranger says, "excuse me are you going to the ladder"? And he responds, "after you". In the blink of an eye the robed man is then standing in front of the ladder. The crowd is loud and pushing. Some have fallen. The robed man bends over extends his arms and pulls up two people from the ground. In the next instant, he finds himself holding the arms of the ladder and standing on the second rung. His head is in light warm up there"? He removes his robe and drops it to him. In a flash - he finds himself halfway up the ladder. Another man cry's, "will you help me up the ladder too"? He raises his arms and says, "I will help all he finds himself standing at the top of the wall. Blood is dripping from both of his palms. Every time a drop of blood falls from his palms, Every time a drop of blood falls from his palms, another walks up the road behind him. He offers a smile to each. End

by Michael J. Rogers

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