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Of Life I Know

Of life I know there's little that I do know
I've learned that one might say the hard way
But spiritually we should not cease to grow
And from the 'Book of life' a lesson every day.

Respect and love of others out of love of self is born
That's how it is and that's how 'twill always be
'If you cannot love yourself you cannot love anyone'
A wise old lady once said that to me.

A self taught person the years had left her gray
Wisdom does not come with a university degree
An unkind word of another I never heard her say
Her insights live on in my memory.

Self loathing is not healthy for the mind
It can lead to crimes against humanity
If you cannot love yourself then love in you is dead
Since love of self gives birth to empathy.

Every day we live from life something we learn
For life 'twould seem is the best teacher of all
We never do stop learning we are told
The babe is learning before he or she does crawl.

So little of life I know I do know
And in that I am not one of a few
From living we learn something every day
Though on saying that I'm not saying anything that's new.

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