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Of Like Hearts

As I sit memories starts to scream
Nothing is as it seems as I drift through
Vivid dreams lights hits the beams
While I'm slit at the seams I'm
On bent knees while writing
Through these reams of paper
Notes in hands when will enough
Be enough hearts begins to close
And shut sliced I've been slit up
twice I've been cut while taking brunt
Of it up the gut so what am I to do
When I've been down this route
Before heartbreak avenue & scrutiny
I need a pick me up just to get me up

Veins clinches with such intention
Loving you was my very mission
But I couldn't see the ending that
Your love for me was pending I
Stumbled and now barely standing
I had tunnel vision so I couldn't see
What you had envision yet that is
What you didn't mention people
Barely listen when anger boils
I just relive it I heard her say that
She's skittish people on the ins
And outs tends to grovel at the
Mouth raising hints of doubts now
Whose under suspicion the culprits
That you wouldn't least expect it
Are the unusual suspects I'm just
Out my mind but I swear I'm feeling
Fine must be my hindsight failing me

No I'm not failing you I'm up-scaling through
Even if I go at it black and blued I'll look
Beyond the desert hue perhaps my mindset
Is a tad askew she got the last laugh how did
You expect me to react it's just my heart in
Fragments she extracted it then chopped it
Down to fractions perhaps I'm over-reacting
No doubt she got the last laugh in but no longer
I'll let this by-pass forgive me if this hits

Like a shard of glass kick back relax and
Feel my wrath of attack never knew you had
This planned that I will never understand
You looked at me then played your hand
Nods excuse me understood what we had
Was never true I didn't catch your cues with
Words you spun shot at me like a gun Hun
What the trouble huh you done fired off
The shot me being dumb sucked into the
Plot like it or not so I just wrote this poem
For you to help me get through all the things
I feel now feel my wrath and pain let the
Aftermath remain let it do the same until
You go insane let it ingrain the brain.


by Laquory Jones

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