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Of Living Life We Stress And Worry

Of living life we stress and worry till the Reaper of lives seals our fate
For to die is part of our life's destiny and with destiny we have a date
The greatest of us Humans are mortals but then I ask you what is great
The poor who struggle to provide for their families their lives should we not celebrate?

In a World ruled by big corporations big egos do come into play
Where greed for money gives rise to corruption we read about it every day
Where big company C E O's are paid millions in annual salaries whilst in Countries ravaged by drought
Poor people are dying of malnutrition is this what life is all about?

I do not have a good education for my outlook on life to expand
And the workings of the Human World we live in I do struggle for to understand
Why some people have a good feeling about having their monarch's photo on their bedroom wall
When privilege of birth does not fit well in the idea of a 'fair go for all'.

Of living life we stress and worry one wonders why this has to be
since the Reaper of lives who claims all lives will lay claim to the lives of you and me
But with what I say here there are many who assuredly would disagree
And such is what it takes to be Human we all look at life differently.

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