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Of Loose Mind
(1955 / INDIA)

Of Loose Mind

Poem By Raj Arumugam

“He who curses/him is cursed” - my mum, words on her deathbed and uttered while she was still of sound mind....though now I have my doubts....
of loose mind


Last night
I shouted curses
at others
that they may be of loose mind;
though my mom, ages ago, had said
in her imperfect English:
“He who curses
him is cursed” -
but O it appears
I’ve become more blessed since last night I cursed

for this morning
when I put on my pants
I found it over my head;
when I put on my shirt
I realized I’d dressed my chair to work

this afternoon
I kissed my boss
and she sent me home -
no, not to her home and bed
not to mine either
but to a Home for the Crazed

this night when I went to sleep
I dreamed God sent another great deluge
but my wife -
she can never face reality -
she woke me up
into her dream of my piss in bed
and though I warned:
'It's a great flood!
Let's run! '
she said: 'No, you wipe this!
Or I'll make you drink your piss! '

Ah, since last night
I cursed
that the world may go loose of mind
I’ve never been
I’ve found
more blessed and possessed
of greater perspicuity of mind
O, a blessing for a curse
a blessing for a curse...
Never mind, you know, what my illiterate mum said

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