God Said, I Made A Man

God said, "I made a man
Out of clay—
But so bright he, he spun
Himself to brightest Day

Till he was all shining gold,
And oh,
He was lovely to behold!
But in his hands held he a bow

Aimed at me who created
Him. And I said,
‘Wouldst murder me
Who am thy Fountainhead! '

Then spoke he the man of gold:
‘I will not
Murder thee! I do but
Measure thee. Hold

Thy peace.' And this I did.
But I was curious
Of this so regal head.
‘Give thy name! '—‘Sir! Genius.'"

(Published in Have Come Am Here 1942)

by Jose Garcia Villa

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Beautiful depiction of love as a voyage of pure bliss. Thanks for sharing Bill.