Of Love

Choose what you love wisely for it will tell
The million tales of your life
And grand quests are often disappointing
The starting blocks being so unequally placed
The great prize may not lie in the external race.

Our young one bounced into our bed
Limited English in her sweet head
Yet communicating with the heart
We had enormous fun with a game of hats
The object being to make the other laugh.

She wrote in Russian two nine zero two
Home address numbers in English too
And other things I can't keep score
Only wishing there'd been time for more.

So in this tale of respite from the earthly race
King, professor, parlimentarian, business prol,
After expending all you have for that you never could have been
Beyond mirage of self, love's loving water calls
And in simple acts of purest love
True refreshment lies.

by Bill Grace

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Beautiful depiction of love as a voyage of pure bliss. Thanks for sharing Bill.