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Of Miracles At Tubrid

So many stories of it i have heard storytellers tell
If published in book form copies of it would readily sell
How drinking of it has saved many from the premature farewell bell
The miracles clear waters of Tubrid's holy well
Drinking mugs of it has saved the lives of many cancer sufferers of a premature end
I tell it as i heard it as i am not one to pretend
To Tubrid near Millstreet Town in the month of May
Hundreds of religious people do flock for to pray
And drink the clear bubbling waters of the famous spring
Of the praises of Tubrid so many do sing
Of miracles at Tubrid many stories are told
Of people who were dying young but survived to grow old
Drinking Tubrid's clear spring water was their miracle cure
But of how truthful these stories are i cannot be sure.

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