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Of More Friends Of The Earth

Due to Climate Change and destruction of natural habitat by the greedy environmentally unaware
Many species of wildlife are becoming quite rare
Far too many only interested in the promotion of their own welfare
To realize that Planet Earth is only for us to live in and with other creatures to share
Due to the sharp increase in the human population Worldwide
Trees and bushes being removed and natural habitat for wildlife being destroyed
For to build houses and factories wildlife are being displaced every day
That many of us human beings are not friends of the good Earth that does feed us does seem sad to say
Of more environmentally aware people the Human World is in need
Far too many species of wildlife becoming endangered mostly because of human greed
Land clearance for development in a time of Climate Change seems out of control
And on all wild born creatures is taking a huge toll
Of more friends of the Earth and not human greed
The World we live in is so badly of in need.

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