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Of My Life Successes

Of my life successes cannot talk about though I too daydreamed of renown
When I was younger decades ago back home near Millstreet Town
But such things never came to me not that I do really care
Since even fame will know of mortality of such I am aware
Where Finnow flows to Blackwater that babbles to the sea
I daydreamed I would be a poet but it wasn't meant to be
For daydreams are just that daydreams and they seldom do come true
And from life as some say we do receive what only is our due
I first fell in love with Nature when I was a young boy
And Nature through the decades has brought me hours of joy
The birds sang in the old grove beside the purling rill
That flowed to the big river from the high field by the hill
In my pleasant flights of fancy I am back home again
And I hear the songbirds singing in the sunshine after rain.

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