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Of My Life To Date

Of my life to date i cannot boast of achievements and great stories of adventure i do not have to tell
But years ago when i was younger and fitter i often drunk the waters of Tubid's Holy Well
The spring water that from the ground keeps bubbling and into the waters of the nearby Finnow flow
In the damp fields beside the babbling river the rushes who thrive in such places do grow

To religious people Tubrid an attraction at all times of year they do come there to pray
Especially in the blossoming month of Mary in the prime of the Spring in beautiful May
At least three quarters of a mile at the most from the old Town Of Millstreet
In Claraghatlea near where the the waters of the Cails and the Finnow do meet

It is said that in Tubrid water for many ailments there is a cure
As it is completely free of pollution and for to drink is quite pure
Surfacing in clear bubbles a sight of rare beauty for to behold
The legend of Tubrid in Millstreet in Duhallow is one that is old.

Above Matty Owen's bog on a calm evening in the late Spring
The familiar song of a skylark one of Nature's minstrels on the wing
Near the Well of Tubrid where the faithful do their rounds and pray
From this far Southern Land thousands of sky miles away.

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