Of Nature I Know Little

Of Nature i know little in truth i can say
But of her i do learn some thing new every day
And the more i learn of her the more i realize
That her secrets are many this not a surprise
Everywhere i turn to look her beauty i do see
Every day it is everywhere all around me
A beauty to view to everyone that is free
That we never do have to pay for to see
The artists and writers her beauty does inspire
And of singing her praises some never do tire
But the more we learn of her the more our wonder of her does grow
And so little of her ways we realize we do know
Her beauty is all around me every day
A beauty for to see that i do not have to pay.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (1)

Extraordinary. clever that line 'A beauty to view to everyone that is free' but surely line 4 'that her secrets are many is not a surprise' or '...does not surprise? and line 9 '...do inspire'?