Of Our Dreams

The future may not offer us,
the riches life may hold,
... but, all I need is loving,
to keep away the cold.

We may not see the best of life,
we will not know the the worst,
as long as our lives stay in stride,
we just may end up first.

Perspective is the key to life,
to see things as they are,
as long as we can see the sunshine,
and know about the stars.

About that girl that lights the fire,
and makes me glow inside,
sometimes when things are really bad,
she gives to me my pride.

You make these things seem tolerable,
and somehow make me live,
I just want to share my time with you,
and give what I can give.

Our future surely is not bright,
slow passing days and lonely nights,
but, if our cards are played just right,
tomorrow, may end up right.

Failure does not set with me,
and neither does defeat,
at time it's wise to compromise,
and give away your seat.

Those kisses in my office,
and then the kisses in my car,
have come to hold such joy for me,
and served to heal my scars.

What you see inside of me,
even I don't understand,
I just know I'm glad to share this time,
and to hold your little hand.

I guess I am in love with you,
I guess, that's what I mean,
is that, although I'm sort of bitter,
from the other things we've seen,
exactly what I mean?

I want you back,
... I can't help it,
sweet angel, bear with me...
all that I can promise still...
are some portions of our dreams.

by Barry Van Allen

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Excellent piece of poetry Barry...your archive days seem to have suited you well.....Hugs, Dee