Of Poets And Poems

Poem By Irene Bitter

The world is full of
Different species of poets,
Of various genres, styles, and opinions.

Some write about everlasting love
That breaks all boundaries
And moves all mountains.

Some write about politics
And their inner protest
Against the government.

Some write about landscapes
With detailed nature descriptions
That take one’s breath away.

And some write about
The absurdity of our world
And our role in it.

Comments about Of Poets And Poems

Very Inspiring Poem. Title: Guiding Light Past All Limitations Poets only limitation as all other writers is the imagination. Can you play the role of youth? Can you play the role of truth? For we are all the actors in a very elaborate scene. The question is how long are we here to stay? Infinite are the possibilities of preventable circumstance. Let the mind wonder. Let rain pour and the sound thunder. Echos of a tear drops reflection. How many ways can you visualize a single guiding light. Holding the candle high. For all to see. For all to believe in something. Because anything is better then the void of nothing.

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