Epitaph On King Priam Of Troy

Priam, the Trojan king
Lies in a great peace.
Lies he there
The city of Troy,
Where no more is joy.
Caused by Paris’s ploy,
Thought the city was a toy.
So brought the coil
And Troy, received it, as a spoil,
As the Greeks took the coil, away
And Troy, in ruins, alas.

by Deepta Protik Osman

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Comments (4)

Amberlee, if you keep posting work like this i might become envious. :) well done! Jake
Very original in style and substance. Amberlee, you're becoming a star in my book.
Amberlee. I like this very much. Fix the third line from the end...I think you mean no instead of now. Kenneth
I like the short line style and love the ending