Of Poets, Poetry And Acrimony

Poem By Amberlee Carter

when i think
of all the clean words
i used to use on you
and how
they've become vernacular
for having been attached
to one so lowly

i think
how poetry will never be
uttered in the same manner
the language takes on your stench

poor english venom
and cigarette smoke

i've dissected
abbreviated so much

the vowels now longer sound
long or short
they just whimper

Comments about Of Poets, Poetry And Acrimony

Amberlee, if you keep posting work like this i might become envious. :) well done! Jake
Very original in style and substance. Amberlee, you're becoming a star in my book.
Amberlee. I like this very much. Fix the third line from the end...I think you mean no instead of now. Kenneth
I like the short line style and love the ending

4,3 out of 5
2 total ratings

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