Jerry Singleton Of Carriglea

In Carriglea or in Millstreet Town never more to be seen
But memories of him will remain evergreen
With his family and the many friends in life he made
Good memories live on when all else seem to fade

Jerry Singleton was well liked and well known far from his home countryside
As a breeder, owner and trainer of greyhounds he was known far and wide
His greyhounds with the Carriglea prefix renowned for early pace
At the big Munster tracks won many a feature race

One of life's quiet achievers of him one could say
He never did brag it was not his way
Even with a few drinks in he never spoke loud
Though of his many achievements he must have felt proud

One can only hope that his parting from life was a painless release
And by Cashman's Hill may he now rest in peace
A man among men of him one can say
And Millstreet worse off for his passing today.

by Francis Duggan

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Yes, I have to agree with the conclusion suggested. LOLOLOL! ! Where to next, H? Fondly, G.
Hi Celine, how very nice to hear from you! I agree it must be sad for you to be in this position where you don't understand things. However, I would encourage you to keep writing, and writing, and writing.....perhaps some day, when you least expect it some (other) fruitcake may think that you wrote a poem. These things happen. Best wishes from Your Poet
I took the effort to read all ur poem, and i really don't understand why u insist on writing poetry, or what satisfaction you get out of it..
Herbert, this is most definately you at your best. I just loved it! It's funny and happy and clever. It is just the kind of work I look forward to reading on this site. Marvelous! Absolutely marvelous! ! Bravo Gyp's
Vodka would have to be potato vodka but if you read my poem about Sundays you would know that my visitors usually are Gentleman Jack and Mrs. Finsbury. Occasionally, Mr. Glen Fittock drops in as well. All radishes are doing well, they are upstanding little citizens. Chardonnay is a bit too mild for me, the more robust Italian Valpolicella will do fine however. Actually, this poem was inspired by a patient with a mental illness who had been suffering at the hands of modern psychiatry. Thanks also Liam, for your kind words. Gruezi! H
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