Of Regrets He Will Not Be Free

As a boy he daydreamed of a new life elsewhere
Of travel and adventure in the bigger World out there
Yet he fell in love and married and raised his children and in the hometown did stay
And is regretting as a young man that he had not traveled today
He and his wife in their late sixties love between them is dead
Though they live as man and wife with old age of them ahead
Due to love and commitments his life dreams he did not pursue
But as is said not all dreams in life ever come true
He feels too old now to travel his best days in life gone
But regrets never change things and life does go on
The eldest of his two boys and a girl a son in his mid forties in his brown hair some gray
The years go by quickly and time ticks away
Till the day he does die of regrets he will not be free
Regretting for what might have been but was not meant to be.

by Francis Duggan

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